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Livio the Double Fang
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Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

Date apped: 7th July 2006
Date dropped: 30th March 2007
Comments: 1,430

Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

Could I talk to you for a minute?

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Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

dsjlkfas;dlfd chapter 96 D:

Latest chapter of Trigun Maximum images/spoilers go hereCollapse )

Trigun is depressing. >:

Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

Since it's doing the rounds! Also feel free to comment with any favourites of mine that aren't on here, or questions about icons/keywords yadda yadda etcetera.

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Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

For anyone who follows Trigun Maximum at all, I figured it would be worth mentioning that there's finally going to be a new chapter. Should be scanlated by Maximum7 soon enough. But for now, the magazine cover.

I'm beginning to think that TriMax is in exercise in "how freakish can we make Legato look THIS chapter?". It beter be a damned good chapter after six months of waiting, Nightow. But the gratuitous use of exclamation marks makes it worthwhile.

Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

So I know this went around aaaages ago. But I never did it. Therefore. "What my icons mean" meme for Wolfwood, Livio and Mimiru, in that order.

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If I didn't cover an icon here and you wanna know what it means, comment here. Also, if you want the canon context of anything, ask away. I have the most ridiculously accurate memory for where things come from in canon.

Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

Bored and in need of something to do. Hence, here's a list of things I tend to keep in mind or sometimes think about when RPing my characters.

WolfwoodCollapse )

LivioCollapse )

Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

Spoiler material goes in these: [ ]

Permissions memeCollapse )

Livio the Double Fang [userpic]

Character: Livio the Double Fang
Series: Trigun Maximum
Character Age: Appears to be late twenties.
Job: Mental health advisor
Canon: Livio is a member of both the Gung-Ho Guns, a group of killers sent after one Vash the Stampede, and the Eye of Michael, a sect of plant-worshipping assassins. He holds both positions for good reason, as he is an extremely capable killing machine who never seems to question his orders. Once upon a time, though, he was an emo kid with no self-esteem who went to the same orphanage as Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Once he was trained as an assassin, those traits were overshadowed. Further to that, Livio has a split personality, the other half being Razlo the Trip of Death. Razlo is a psychotic nutjob and luckily only comes out in extremely bad situations. Usually Livio is in control, and much less psychotic.

Livio first appears to be pretty unsympathetic, cold, and dedicated to carrying out his orders. After a particularly nasty fight, Livio joins Vash’s side and other parts of his personality start to come out. He’s polite to people, thinks little kids are cute and worth protecting, and sometimes makes an ass of himself falling over tables and stopping fights mid-way just to get his hat back. Despite being unsure how to interact with people and make up for his past, Livio is determined to do what he can to help humanity.

Sample Post:
Before I begin, I should mention that I have no qualifications for this. The job of mental health advisor was assigned to me at random. Which was... unfair unexpected, but I’ll do what I can.

There are three things you should know if you want to stay sane in this camp.

1. The barrier is impenetrable. You all know that. You also know that attacking it causes… problems. What you don’t know is that it also unbalances your mind whenever you’re near it. It’s subtle, but gradually it will start to affect your judgment. At first you’ll just be annoyed that you couldn’t break out. Then you’ll begin to believe that that you’re just not trying hard enough. So you attack it again, and again. You’ll forget about everyone and everything else except the barrier. Eventually, your life will consist of nothing but attacking, yelling at and staring at the barrier, but you’ll never succeed. This is obsessive behaviour and bad for your sanity. You only need to look at telemarketers to see where you’ll end up.

2. Stop blaming the computers for what they post, or do, or say. It’s not the computers doing these things: it’s you. You might argue that you’d never post polls about who would dominate between two boys, and that you would remember doing such a thing. But that’s wrong. You’re repressing it. It’s you who posted the detailed summary of your sex life. It’s you who chose that inappropriate icon at the wrong moment. It’s you who ordered the Care Bear porn online. The sooner you face up to the fact that you’re doing these things and forgetting them afterwards, the sooner you’ll stop losing your memory. Don’t pretend it’s not happening. Next time, it could be worse; you could post your baby photos.

3. Stop trying to figure out the time/space paradoxes of camp. I’ve been shown people who tried it before, and it isn’t good. If you ever wondered how the zombies were created, and why they want brains so much… you now know.

I should mention that if any of you feel as though you are going insane, or are already insane… or starting to think that insanity may be a good thing (I have to stress that it is not), then you must come to me immediately. I won’t… actually be able to do anything about it, but you have to see me all the same. I’ll decide what to do with you at the time. If I have reason to believe that you’ve too far gone to be helped, I will have to view you as a threat to camp safety and dispose of you. Or restrain you. I don’t want to hurt kids, of course. I’d like it if you were all happy, and well-adjusted. However, should disposal be necessary, I'll make it swift, painless, and not leave so much as a spray of blood.

Pamphlets will be available shortly.

((Voting round.))
((Results: 37 [75.5%] IN, 12 [24.5%] OUT.))

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